About Us

Who We Are

USA Youth Cricket will work closely with clubs, training facilities, and academies; we will be a feeder system for them, supplying a steady flow of new, young cricketers with which to fill their ranks. We are also a network of dedicated volunteers who give our time, energy and money to bring cricket closer to academic institutions.

What we do

  • Share News & Updates on tournaments and events.
  • Provide a platform for young & budding cricketers guide them where opportunities exist.
  • Share Resources to learn and take part in games to enhance cricketing skills.
  • Promote budding players to the relevant authorities, aiming to provide opportunities at an international level.
  • Add value to the local community by promoting an active lifestyle among the children by encouraging outdoor games.
  • Support local youth cricket organizations by providing a digital platform to talk about past & upcoming tournaments.
  • Promote the game of cricket amongst young & budding cricketer aspirants.

About Cricket in the Americas

With immigrants from Indian sub-continent settling down in the USA, it does not come as a surprise that cricket has spread its wings to the next generation of youth. An uptick of interest has been noticed after the 2011 World Cup win by India and subsequently, after the recent 2019 World Cup in England. A lot of young enthusiasts have taken to cricket and interest is growing by the day.

The Canadian cricket team in the United States of America in 1844 was both the first official international cricket match and the first official international game of any sport. The match between the two national teams was billed as ‘United States of America versus the British Empire’s Canadian Province’. The match took place between 24 and 26 September 1844 at the St George’s Cricket Club’s ground at what is now 30th Street and Broadway (then Bloomingdales) in Manhattan. Canada won by 23 runs. Sides from England toured the USA and Canada after the English cricket seasons of 1859, 1868 and 1872, in tours organised as commercial ventures.